EK - The Power Of One

Nandu (Bobby Deol) an orphan turned assassin somehow gets wrongly accused of a politician's murder and is on the run. On his escapade on a train he meets Shekhar (Pradeep), who is homebound after fourteen years, they get chatting and Nandu finds all about his joint family and the wedding of Shekhar's cousin that he is going to attend.

However the police catch up with Nandu on the train and shoot at him but Shekhar shields Nandu and dies on the spot. Nandu goes to Shekhar's family home in his village to return his grandfathers watch and also to break the news of his grandson's death to him. However it turns out that Shekhar's family mistakes Nandu for Shekhar and makes him a part of the celebration at home.

                        Halla Bol

Ashfaque (Ajay Devgan) is a small town boy aspiring to be a film star in the Hindi film industry. He joins a street theatre group run by a reformed dacoit Sidhu (Pankaj Kapur) who uses street theatre as a medium to bring about an awakening in the masses. Ashfaque struggles to give a creative vent to the actor in him in order to realize his dreams.

Ashfaque's determined struggle pays off and he gets a break in films. He gets a new screen name – Sameer Khan. With the passage of time, the roles start becoming better and he moves up the success ladder in a very short time. Soon, he becomes Sameer Khan the superstar – one who can enact any role with finesse, get under the skin of any and every character with ease and walk away with audience applause.

                    Chak De India

The movie revolves around the story a hockey coach for a girl's team and a young Sikh girl who wants to join the hockey team but does not get the approval of her parents. Sharukh Khan is the coach of India’s Women Hockey team who aspire to be world champions. He puts them through rigorous training sessions to get the best out of them.Vidya Malvade’s character is of a Sikh girl who has a love for the game but is not allowed to play by her parents. Shraukh Khan’s character has a past in which he was somehow thrown out of his team. He is all set to regain his lost pride by making the women Hockey Team win in the World Cup in Australia.The film is based on the real life  of the former Indian hockey goalkeeper Mir Ranjan Negi.

                     Gandhi My Father

Anil Kapoor’s film Gandhi My Father is all set to release in August but even before its release the film has pulled controversy towards itself. Gandhi My Father is about Gandhi’s relationship with his eldest son Harilal and the promos of the film have drawn protests from Gandhians in Bihar.

If soon to be released GANDHI MY FATHER promises to be a film that could well meet international standards then let's not only pat the backs of producer Anil Kapoor, director Feroz Abbas Khan and actors Akshaye Khanna and Darshan Jariwala. That's because the film is also notable for it's editor Sreekar Prasad.

For the uninitiated, Sreekar is the guy who has been associated with none other than Mani Ratnam for many a films now. Beyond editing his biggest Bollywood hit till date, GURU, Sreekar has also run his scissors through YUVA, SAATHIYA, ASOKA, DIL CHAHTA HAI and FIZA amongst others.

Though his last work
DELHIIHEIGHTS got him a lot of flak since it hardly boasted of any mastery in the editor's room, GANDHI MY FATHER should well be the film that should be able to restore his super-editor status.


CASH is a high-octane heist thriller set in Cape Town, South Africa with top stars like Ajay Devgan, Suneil Shetty, Esha Deol, Dia Mirza, Zayed Khan, Shamita Shetty and Riteish Deshmukh in pivotal roles.

For all those who have seen Anubhav's DUS can expect a little more, in fact quite a lot. Esha Deol played love interest of Abhishek Bachchan in DUS but was sort of a grey character. She again plays a robber in CASH. Ajay Devgan as one of the leads should make the audience rest assured of great acting and stunts. Director Anubhav Sinha's last film DUS generated rave reviews for its action sequences, cinematography and fabulous music. In fact if sources are to be believed the actors have performed some of their difficult stunts. CASH is all about money and life... most of it is about money. They are all negative, all cons; they are all thieves running after some diamonds. There are some complications and some resolutions... and finally... CASH. Yes it's all about cash. The whole story is about cash, heists and diamonds, four male characters, and three female characters and one beautiful picturesque location and thumping songs.

The film revolves around an ace con artist, played by Ajay Devgan who hires a set of top-notch robbers (Esha Deol, Zayed Khan, Dia Mirza and Riteish Deshmukh) to steal a set of priceless diamonds in South Africa. The group also faces a threat from underworld don Suniel Shetty, who is after the same diamonds and also the Head of Security Shamita Shetty. How these three groups manage to thwart each other forms the rest of the story and makes it a non-stop adventure caper.

CASH is one of the first films to be shot exclusively in the breathtaking locales of Cape Town in South Africa. Audiences can expect never seen before action-packed sequences like sky diving, kite surfing, skate boarding and fight scenes in the film, CASH is the first ever comic thriller of a film


        Naqaab - A Romantic Thriller

        Naqaab - A Romantic Thriller

Naqaab is a romantic thriller by the director duo Abbas-Mustan. The directors have directed several suspense thrillers earlier too and ‘Humraaz’ has been one of their earlier hits. This film too stars Bobby Deol and Akshaye Khanna like in Humraaz, but a new fresh female face has been roped in. Debutant Urvashi Sharma plays the female lead. The main concept of a triangular love story is also similar to Humraaz; however the directors claim that the film is different from their earlier hit. The music of the film has been composed by Pritam.
Sophie (Urvashi) is a beautiful, strong willed modern young woman who believes in going after something she truly wants. She comes from a middle-class family and hence decides to get engaged to the rich millionaire Karan (Bobby Deol). Karan and Sophie live together and their relationship is going well until Vicky (Akshaye) enters the picture. Vicky is a charming, young ladies man. Vicky does not work but one day aspires to be an actor and he will do anything to fulfill his dreams and ambitions. He is immediately attracted to Sophie and she too seems enamored by his charm and flirtatious ways. Naturally Karan is upset about this turn of events as it has affected his and Sophie’s relationship.

So is Sophie really a sweet, innocent middle-class girl, does she want Karan’s money or is she in love with the dashing Vicky? Whom will Sophie finally choose? What about Karan and Vicky, who are they, are they all really the people they pretend to be or do they all have a different face, a hidden past? Soon in this triangular love story, each of the character’s past comes to the fore and there are also many twists and turns in this film which has suspense, drama and romance.

                  ' My Friend GANESHA '

In the past, BHAGGMATI - THE QUEEN OF FORTUNES and HUM TUM merged live characters and animation in the narrative. The success of HANUMAN triggered off the trend of animation films here. Now MY FRIEND GANESHA takes the story ahead. MY FRIEND GANESHA knows its target audience -- kids and kid at heart. So don't wear your thinking caps to introspect every frame of the film. The film is watchable because it doesn't get preachy. Sure, the sub-plots running parallel with the main story should've been far more convincing, but the moment Lord Ganesha is introduced in the plotline, things only get better.

The final word on MY FRIEND GANESHA: If the kids loved HANUMAN, there's a possibility that they may take to MY FRIEND GANESHA as well.
On the whole, MY FRIEND GANESHA is a decent attempt that's targeted at the kids. Businesswise, the film could've done with a far more aggressive promotion and a better release period [ideally, it should've released during the summer vacations. Not now, when the schools have re-opened]. Yet, in all fairness, if the kids take to the film, the numbers would only multiply

                      ' Bombay to Goa '

JOURNEY BOMBAY TO GOA is the story is of Lal [Sunil Pal] and Das [Vijay Raaz]. Lal is a dreamer who wants to become big in life and start his own business. Das is a driver, who used to work for a rich businessman, but an irritating boss' nagging habits force him to quit his job.Lal wins Rs. 2 lacs by winning a contest and the duo plans to set up a business. Das comes up with an idea to start a travel agency. But they don't have enough money. So they go to Chor Bazaar. Using spare parts of old cars and imported cars, they create a bus. The next task is to search the passengers for a ride to Goa.Lal finally manages to get 15-16 passengers by offering them a discount. But the bus is so tacky that the passengers demand their money back. Das comes up with an idea and states that this is merely a pick-up bus. The journey begins!
One of the passengers [Mac Mohan], who had been abducted but has now escaped, meets with an accident and dies midway. But before he breathes his last, he tells the fellow passengers about the hidden treasure…
With so many comedians around, the writing focuses on hilarious situations and one-liners. The motive is to make you laugh. A few sequences do succeed, a few don't. In an effort to pack just about everything on the shelf, the writer seems to have overlooked the fact that you need to tell your story in the shortest possible time. Sure, a few scenes are well penned, by why stretch the film unnecessarily? It dilutes the impact!Comedy is serious business and not all storytellers can pull it off. In that respect, director Raj Pendurkar shows a flair for comedy.
In fact, he has the potential to make aimed-at-masses entertainers in the future, but a tight script is all he needs to concentrate on. On the music front, there's just one song that stays in your memory


Films coming from the stable of Vishesh Films usually have a dark element in it. But AWARAPAN takes the word 'dark' even further andeasily turns out to be one of the darkest films that the immensely production house has produced. Not that the film looses out on sheen due to this. In fact it is quite entertaining in spite of a theme that is truly black with barely any gray elements.
If anything, ‘Awarapan’ showcases the acting talent of Emraan Hashmi. The actor steps out of his usual chocolate boy image and plays a very serious and intense role with full conviction. He may not be the deadliest looker around, but he sure does know the art of restraining and underplaying his characters. And his performance in ‘Awarapan’ proves that he is one of the under-rated talents in Bollywood.

Mrinalini Sharma overacts in certain scenes, but manages to play her part fairly well on the whole. Shriya Saran’s acting looks very natural. She looks very comfortable playing the brief role she has in the film. Ashutosh Rana is another actor who delivers a superb performance.

Mohit Suri succeeds to a great extent in translating an interesting story on celluloid. There are many scenes and sequences (like confrontation between Emraan and Aaliya’s father, or Emraan’s final sequence with Ashutosh Rana) that are intelligently conceived. The cinematography is visually appealing and the music (by Pritam) is also good.

             ' Apne ' - A touching Story

Anil Sharma’s latest movie ‘Apne’ is rich in emotions. The film, marking the coming together of the three Deols on the silver screen for the first time, is the story of familial bonding and conflicts.Having seen the film, it is clear why it is the best flick to cast Dharmendra and his two sons (Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol) together. The reason is its story and the three main characters in it. There is no doubt that the three Deols drew a lot from their personal lives into their performances in the film. That is why the emotions and the kinship show on the big screen, too.
Director Anil Sharma gets many things right in ‘Apne’. Rather than focusing on action, he taps the emotive appeal of the film’s story. The result is a film that can leave you with moist eyes.

Aap Ka Suroor- The Moviee- The Real Hit

Aap Ka Suroor is a Bollywood film starring Himesh Reshammiya and Hansika Motwani in lead roles. This also marks the debut of Himesh as an actor in the Bollywood film industry.
Fans of singer-composer Himesh Reshammiya will be quite pleased with his debut film as an actor – ‘Aap Ka Surroor: The Moviee: The Real Luv Story’.The movie, directed by Himesh’s longtime friend Prashant Chaddha, is not based on Reshammiya’s life‘Aap Ka Surroor’ tells the story of HR (Himesh), a rock star on a musical tour in Germany. He falls in love at first sight with Riaa (Hansika Motwani), the event manager of his concert.

On the other hand, there is Ruby (Mallika Sherawat), the partner of the organizer of the concert. Ruby is in love with HR. But he doesn’t reciprocate her feelings. He loves Riaa.
HR’s troubles begin with the murder of a TV journalist. The finger of suspicion points towards HR and he is arrested by Stuttgart police and put behind bars.

Convinced of HR’s guilt, Riaa’s father (Sachin Khedekar) fixes her marriage with another man. Now, HR has only one option: to run away from police captivity and find the real killer to prove his innocence before his ladylove is married off to someone else. Will he succeed?